Make Fun Lunches Easy
FREE On-line management system for school lunches
Schools create Fun Lunch order forms from their selected restaurant’s menu. Parents can then order and pay for meals On-Line, using Visa, MasterCard or Interac Debit.
Registered Restaurants
Coordinate your school hot lunches with these local restaurants.
School Lunch Coordinators
Learn how we make school lunches easier for everyone, and the best part is......It's FREE!
Sent here by your School? Register your child and easily order lunches.
  • Its FREE for Schools and Parents
  • Significantly Reduces Paper waste
  • Eliminate Mistakes
  • Quickly view local restaurant menus, contact info and 5 star service rating.
Restaurants – Lower your customer acquisition costs..... Risk Free! can boost your sales and profits risk Free! Depending on how far you are willing to deliver, local schools will be able to view your school catering menu and pricing. Only when our schools order from you will you be charged a 6% order fee.
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Vancouver: 604-757-1255
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